Options for Fiancées – The K-1 Visa

Now that our readers are familiar with the process of immigration through marriage, we will discuss pre-marriage immigration options.  Consider the scenario.  You are a United States citizen, you are engaged to a person who lives outside the United States and who otherwise cannot obtain a visa in the United States.  You could get married abroad and have your spouse process for his or her permanent residence at the United States Consulate in their home country.  However, you may feel that you would like for your fiancée to take the opportunity to experience life with you in the United States before you marry.  In this case, you would opt for the K-1 fiancée visa.  This process requires that you have seen your future spouse in person within the past two years and show proof of a relationship, such as phone records, e-mails, etc.  The United States citizen files a petition in the United States with the required information and evidence.  When the case is approved, the United States Consulate in the foreign fiancée’s home country is notified.  Additional paperwork, a medical exam and an interview are completed at the Consulate.  Once the foreign fiancée is issued his or her K-1 visa, he or she has four months in which to enter the United States.  Once the foreign fiancée enters the US, the couple has 90 days in which to marry, otherwise the foreign fiancée must return to his or her home country.  Once married, the couple applies for the adjustment of status (green card) for the foreign spouse.  The green card process through marriage is discussed in more detail in the prior day’s article.

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  1. sara

    hi, I’m an American lady, my fiancé and I, got engaged in morocco, I’m 48 and he is 28 well we love each other and we I applied for k1 visa he was called for the interview well officer asked him couple questions, he is not working also he doesn’t got high school diploma, he told her that I’m divorced and also I’m getting my alimony, he got with him all documents requested like phone bills, pictures ,plane tickets, and all so affidavit of support showing them that I have money to support him, but in the end the officer lady gave him only peace of sheet telling him something 221(g) and up to know there is nothing at all and this since September 2007 please what can we do can you please help us

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