• Board Certified: William Gerstein is board certified as an expert in immigration and nationality law by The Florida BarBoard certification recognizes attorneys’ special knowledge, skills and proficiency in various areas of law and professionalism and ethics in practice. Certification is the highest level of evaluation by The Florida Bar.
  • Experience & Personal attention: The attorneys at Gerstein & Gerstein have decades of combined experience. We have successfully handled many different types of immigration cases including employment based, family based, waivers, citizenship, removal and deportation.
    Our policy is that every client speaks with an attorney. Attorneys handle your case, not assistants. Our assistants serve to help us in assembling your case and gathering information. Attorneys make all decisions and communicate important information to our clients. We strive to speak with anyone that calls or emails immediately and if this is not possible, then at least on the same day. You will feel confident that you can always get in touch with the attorney that is handling your case.
  • Results: We never send a file for processing until we make absolutely certain that the file is ready, the information is accurate and the case is approvable. Each file is reviewed by at least two law firm members to ensure that there are no missing documents to avoid having USCIS (US Immigration) ask for further evidence (RFE).
  • American Immigration Lawyers Association: Our attorneys are full members of the American Immigration Lawyers Association. We receive educational materials from them and daily updates and changes in immigration law and procedure. We are also given special access to inquire about and resolve our clients’ cases with US Immigration.
  • Language Skills: The attorneys and staff in our office speak the following languages: Spanish, Creole, French, Italian and Hebrew. We also have translators available for Russian and Portuguese. Not only can we speak to you in your language, but we can translate many of your documents in our office.
  • Location: We are located less than 5 miles from the USCIS Oakland Park, FL (Fort Lauderdale, FL) office. This means that we can meet with them easily and often to resolve your case. We are also within easy commuting distance of the other USCIS offices in South Florida (West Palm Beach, Miami, Hialeah and Kendall) as well as the various immigration courts and detention facilities.
  • Technology: We use the most up to date immigration software available. Thus we are highly efficient and your case is prepared faster. Moreover, we have a state-of-the-art monitoring system that lets us know the status of our cases and reminds us of filing times and deadlines when applicable. We take advantage of electronic filing (E-Filing) options with USCIS so that your application is considered received and will establish its place in line the moment that we submit it over the Internet. We use email and the Internet extensively for communication and research. This allows us to communicate with you and send you documents quickly, reliably and professionally.
  • Flexibility in Payments: We not only accept various forms of payment (credit cards, checks, cash and money orders) but we also allow for flexible payment plans that allow our clients to spread out their payments over time so that they can manage their obligations.
  • Environmental Consciousness: We are a paperless office. We copy only what is needed and we scan our files. This allows quick access to information and reduces unnecessary waste and costs. We can, therefore, pass these cost savings along to you, our clients. We also recycle paper, toner cartridges and the bottles and cans that are consumed in our office.
  • Other legal matters: In addition to immigration, we also handle other cases, such as litigation, criminal matters, personal injury, divorce, corporations, and real estate. Oftentimes, clients are able to have all of their legal services needs handled in our office. If you have a matter that we do not handle, we work with other very competent attorneys who we manage and who will handle your legal case in conjunction with our office.